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MINNIE PUN (PUN Fung Mee 潘鳳美)


Tel. : 852-92006665










Minnie is born and educated in Hong Kong. Over a decade of experience in watercolor, she is now the Chairman of Hong Kong Teachers’ Watercolour Research Society and painter of Southern Watercolor Academy. She is also member of International Watercolor Society, Hong Kong Artist Society, Hong Kong Watercolor Society, Hong Kong Watercolorists Association and Xinyuan Art Group.


She got a First Class Honours in the Bachelor of Arts and Design Education (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and a Dean’s list in Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (Chinese University of Hong Kong). She has served as the Head of Visual Arts Department in secondary school for more than 20 years. She is fond of watercolor painting and likes to create with different themes. 








Won Bronze Award in “Beautiful Chinese Watercolor Flower Exhibition and Leiden National Watercolor Flower Competition 2020” (2020美麗中國水彩花卉作品展暨莱顿全國水彩花卉作品大獎賽)


Selected Artist in “China-International Watercolor Artists Union First Grand Prix Award-winning Works Exhibition 2020” (2020中國-國際水彩畫家聯盟首屆大獎賽獲獎作品展)


Invited Artist in “Light and Shadow in Water”-Hong Kong Watercolor Invitational Exhibition 2020 (“水中光影”—香港水彩畫邀請展)





Won Appreciation Award in “ABU RAWASH Art Prize in 3rd International Watercolor Contest 2019”


Won Finalist in “The Inaugural Hong Kong International Watercolour Competition 2 2019” (香港首屆國際水彩畫比賽) 






2019 Artland Gallery, Hong Kong


2018 Artland Gallery, Hong Kong


2017 Artland Gallery, Hong Kong 








Jan Asia Pacific Art Biennale (亞太藝術雙年展)


Jan “Light and Shadow in Water”-Hong Kong Watercolor Invitational Exhibition 2020 (“水中光影”—香港水彩畫邀請展)


Jan “Explore & Transcend” Exhibition by Xinyuan Art Group and the Masters 2020 (心源「探索、誇越」)


Aug Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone – Shenzhen Luohu Art Works Network Exhibition (慶祝深圳經濟特區建立40周年-深圳羅湖美術作品網絡展)


Oct 2020 Show by Hong Kong Watercolour Society (香港水彩藝術學會2020展)


Dec 2020 Show by Hong Kong Watercolourists Association (香港水彩畫會年展)





Feb “A Tribute to Spring” Exhibition of Floral Paintings & Flower Arrangement by Bonding Art (「春之頌」水彩及油畫展暨花藝邀請展)


Apr “Watercolor & Peace” The 3rd International Watercolor Biennale Vietnam 2019


Apr “Watercolor & Harmony” The 1st International Watercolor Exhibition IWS Cambodia 2019


Apr Fabriano in Acquarello 2019


Jul “Love For Hong Kong” Hong Kong Artists Society Joint Exhibition (「香港情懷」香港畫家聯會聯展)


Jul “Years Are Like Songs” Exhibition by Hong Kong Watercolour Society 3 (「歲月如歌」香港水彩藝術學會)


Aug Golden Autumn Watercolour Exhibition (金秋彩墨展)


Sep Appreciation Award ABU RAWASH Art Prize 3rd International Watercolor Contest


Sep The Inaugural Hong Kong International Watercolour Competition 2019 (香港首屆國際水彩畫比賽)


Oct Hong Kong Watercolour Society Show 2019


Oct 2019 “Landscape” Malaysia Online Juried All Medium Competition


Oct Selected in The Fifth Beautiful China Shenzhen Watercolor Exhibition and Rubens National Watercolor Competition (第五屆美麗中國深圳水彩展暨魯本斯全國水彩畫大獎賽)





Jan 4th Hong Kong Teachers’ Watercolour Research Society Biennale Exhibition


Jan Exhibition by Xinyuan Art Group and the Masters 2018 (「畫出心源」心源畫會創會畫展2018)


Jan Southern Art Gallery Exhibition南方畫苑畫展


Jan The 3rd Beautiful China Shenzhen Watercolor Exhibition (第三届美麗中國深圳水彩展)


Feb “Pearls of Peace, Season II” 2nd International Watercolour Biennale Pakistan 2018


Feb International Watercolour Festival UAE 2018


Mar The 3rd National Women’s Watercolor & Pastels Exhibition (第三届全國女性水彩粉畫作品展)


Apr “Watercolor”Hong Kong-Taiwan Watercolor Joint Exhibition (《水色》香港台灣水彩精品交流展)


May Fabriano in Acquarello 2018


Jun IWS Mexico International Contest 2018


Jun “Midsummer Flowers” Hong Kong Watercolour Society Joint Exhibition 2018 (「仲夏花語」香港水彩藝術學會2018)


Sep “Tropical Watercolor” 1st IWS Costa Rica International Watercolor Festival 2018


Oct Hong Kong Watercolour Society 2018 Show (香港水彩藝術學會會員作品展2018)


Oct “Pass It On-Embrace Life” Exhibition by Lingnan University (水藝傳承-擁抱生命)


Nov International Watercolor Masters Exhibition, Taiwan-HK (「彩韻」台灣水彩名家展)


Dec 1st International Watercolor Biennale Malaysia 2018





Mar Hong Kong Art Gear Exhibition 2017


Mar 2nd Tirana International Watercolor Biennale, Albania 2017


Mar 水淡情濃


Apr Fabriano in Acquarello 2017


May “Light, Water, Color” 1st International Watercolor Festival Portugal


Jun “Faith, Hope, Love” Exhibition of Donated Works by Xinyuan Art Group (「信、望、愛」心源畫會捐贈作品展)


Jun Guilin-Hong Kong Exchange Exhibition2017 (桂林——香港交流展2017)


Aug “The World of Watercolor” International Watercolor Society Slovakia 2017


Aug The 4th “I Love Watercolour” Exhibition 第四屆我愛水彩作品展


Sep Heritage Art Watercolor Exhibition – IWS Indonesia


Oct Hong Kong Watercolour Society 2017 Show (香港水彩藝術學會會員作品展2017)


Oct “Watercolor and Love” The 2nd International Watercolor Biennale Vietnam, 2017


Nov Hong Kong Artist Society 35th Anniversary Exhibition 2017 (香港畫家聯會35周年聯展)


Dec Contemporary Hong Kong Watercolor Painting Appreciation Network Exhibition (當代香港水彩畫作品欣賞網絡展)


Dec “Harmony Through Watercolor 2017” 2nd International Watercolor Society India Biennale 2017


Dec 2nd Asian Art Biennial (第二屆亞洲美術雙年展)


Dec Sai Kung Art And About (藝聚西貢)





Mar “Peace and Love Through Art” International Watercolor Society Switzerland


Jun 1st International Watercolor Biennale Thailand Exhibitions 2016


Sep “Freedom of Self Expression” 1st International Watercolour Exhibition – Hungary


Oct “Love, United” 1st International Watercolor Biennale Hong Kong (「愛在一起」第一屆香港國際水彩雙年展2016)


Nov International Watercolor Festival Cum Plein-Air Workshop, Nepal 2016


Nov The 2nd International Watercolor Sketching Works Touring Exchange Exhibition in Guilin, China and Sado, Japan 2016 (2016中國桂林、日本佐渡第二屆國際水彩畫寫生作品巡迴交流展)


Nov “Never Give Up” The 12th Annual Exhibition of Art to Fly (「堅持」第十二屆會員年展- 薈彩25畫會)





Dec 1st International Watercolour Society of Hong Kong Member Show 2015