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Oostende, BELGIQUE

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Sofya Demskaya 12/10/1978 is a Belgian artist with Russian roots, living in Ostend. Since her childhood she has been passionate about painting and drawing. When she was very young, she attended several years of lessons at art school for children. There she studied the basics of academic drawing and painting, the construction of composition, and she also studied art history. Due to difficult family circumstances, she had to interrupt her studies and moved with her family to another country. Since then, she did not practice drawing and painting until 2004. In 2013, she graduated from the Belgian Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK, Ghent), where she earned an MFA  (Master of Fine Arts) degree in photography. After graduating, Sofya resumed painting and began to pay a lot of attention to watercolor. She is currently in her 5th year at the Flemish Watercolor and Drawing School under the direction of the Belgian watercolorist and teacher Fernand Thienpondt. Sofya is also a member of Belgian Aquarel Institut (AIB) and she is also a board member of the International Watercolor Society of Belgium.





In recent years she has participated in various national and international exhibitions:




Finalist of the International Watercolor Festival Fabriano in Acquarello, Fabriano, Italy





Participation at 38th Aquarel Salon in Aarschot, Belgium


Finalist of the International Watercolor Festival Step by Step in Gdansk, Poland (Winner of the 3d Stage)


Participation at the 1st International Watercolour Exhibition in Kaapeli, Helsinki, Finland


Finalist of the International Watercolor Festival Fabriano in Acquarello, Fabriano, Italy





Finalist of the International Watercolor Contest, organized by Galleria Esde, Cagliari, Italy


Finalist of the 1st International Watercolour Festival in Prague, Czech Republic (Appreciation Award)


Finalist of the International Festival Urbino in Acquerello, Urbino, Italy


Participation at the exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Watercolor Institute of Belgium





Participation at 37th Aquarel Salon in Alden Biesen, Belgium





I write this statement in a very difficult time – we live now in the world infected with corona virus. Most business and industrial enterprises have come to a standstill, countries have closed borders, many people lost their jobs and have any livelihoods ... People are losing loved ones, tragedies are everywhere. Hardly anyone is thinking about art now. Nowadays when life has become so fragile that it can end at any moment, I suddenly realized, that the pursuit of trends, attempts to please customers, the desire for approval and admiration - all this doesn’t matter anymore. Now, left alone in the studio with materials, there is no other desire to me than the need to finally say what excites me most, to express my love, pain and hopes - these are the only values ​​that have remained in the artist’s life now. It doesn’t matter if they buy your work, whether they will accept it at the exhibition, whether experts will appreciate it, and what critics will say ... Maybe this is the only chance to take off the masks, to drop your fears and just to draw, to paint or to photograph what you truly love. Because tomorrow it can be your last work, your last breath and your last word. To tell it when it’s not too late is the whole point of what the artist does.