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Hawkes Bay, (New Zealand) NOUVELLE-ZÉLANDE

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I have always drawn. I don’t remember a time when I haven’t. My Grandmother started me on that journey when I was very young. She gave me a pencil, an eraser and a pad made from cartridge paper stapled together, and said ‘Draw me a picture Robert’. I obeyed and never stopped. My fascination with detail became obsessive in my artwork. How to create a picture that portrayed intricate detail with only a few strokes. Too much for me, I spent hours and hours on my work creating detailed sketches, doodles and much more.


I remember buying a bundle of Heavy Metal magazines at a school gala when I was a kid. Wow!! I poured over those magazines astonished at the degree of skill and thought that these Cartoonists put into their work. The stories didn’t matter, I was all about the artwork. Chock full of imagination and vision. Cartoons fed my imagination, War Comics, Hot Rod Comics, Disney Comics. Add to this mix an obsession with Science Fiction and Crime novels. Well…..


Needless to say, any sci-fi movie that piles on special effects has me from the get go. Visually, I’m in Heaven. The more clever special effects, the better. That’s my version of eye candy.


The incredible Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, and the amazing Enki Bilal, blew my young mind with their incredible artwork and stunning imaginations.


My late teens were influenced by John Pitres’ fantasy art. Winged horses, alien worlds, wonderfully heady stuff.


Carl Barks has always been one of my idols. Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and Gyro Gearloose never looked so compellingly wonderful as when drawn by this man. His skill was phenomenal, to create such amazing pictures in line only, and to have them enhanced with simple block colour was heaven to my eyes.


Last, and most certainly not least, the world of Salvador Dalis’ was another heady brew. His style and imagination encouraged me to look beyond the real world and draw the incredible, the fantastical and whatever my imagination dared conceive.


There are others too, Jackson Pollock taught me to let myself go and just channel what I felt without overthinking it.


Monet left me in awe with his ability to reproduce the effects of light playing amid trees, on water, in gardens, stunning. Van Gogh, with his heavy style, lots of colour, life on canvas….and, so many more……….


All great fun. All have given me something, it's taken me years to get here, but right now feels real good.


I have always drawn, but now, I use a digital medium. The process is the same. I skip from one app to another, adding textures, filters and manipulating reality into something other worldly as I do, or, I should say, did, with my pens. I have never bothered with Photoshop or any renowned photo-manipulation programs.


I prefer to work with apps such as Mirrorlab, Toolwiz, Glitchlab, Chromalab and my finishing tool Snapseed. I jump between them, altering, adding, changing and applying their various tools. I’ve been doing this for almost four years now. I have a sizable library of leftover works in progress that I am loathe to delete, as I’ve found that even these can be worked up into interesting images far removed from the image they helped produce originally.


Each app has a comfortable feel, and, after suffering a mental injury some years ago, these helped me regain my artistic ability and have become my ‘pens and pencils’. My go to phrase nowadays is ‘What if I do this?’ And when I want to lose myself for a day, well then, pens and paper are always to hand.


I have always drawn. It’s just the pen and paper that have changed. The results still make me feel content. I can’t stop. What  if I do this? There’s always another corner to turn.


As for Exhibitions, I display my work on my Facebook page…. Rob Fargher – Surrealist Photo Art.


I am in a few Facebook art groups; Abstract Designers, Abstract Expressions, Admiradores of Creativity being the ones I post most in and receive almost daily recognitions from, for my work.


I am Administrator of my own Photography/Art group: Muse Photography, a small group of 325 members, a dozen or so of who post artwork and photographs of their own, alongside my own work.


I will always draw.


Rob Fargher