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PhD Ricardo Camacho


PhD Ricardo Camacho is Curator of Art, Art Collector, as well as specialist in Art dealing of Painters, Sculptors and Photographers of international recognition.


As Curator, his main task is to maintain integrity, responsibility and take care of works and ideas contained in special collections of art, in order to guide the structure and establishment of these collections. He is the bridge between Art/Culture and the world that generally disdains artistic and cultural manifestations. It is faced with the realization of an idea (art exhibition) in the same way as an artist struggles with the creation of art.


In September 2018, meeting the requirements of the Doctoral Faculty of the University of the American Institute of Culture, for his outstanding personal and professional performance, his outstanding leadership and contribution in favor of human dignity and his work in the ethical integration of knowledge and the practice for the benefit of Mexico and of Humanity, is invested as Doctor of Philosophy.


Doctor Camacho curates exhibitions of artists who present mainly his pictorial, sculptural and photographic work. He has curated exhibitions to: Francisco Toledo, José Luis Cuevas (rip), Sebastian, Arias Murueta, Joy Laville (rip), Gilberto Aceves Navarro, Luis López Loza, Leopoldo Flores (rip), Leonardo Nierman, Vicente Rojo, Esther González, Roger von Gunten, Manuel Felguérez, Pal Kepenyes, Guillermo Ceniceros, Luis Nishizawa (rip), Gabriel Macotela, Benito Nogueira, Víctor Guadalajara, Román Castelltort, Pancho Cárdenas, Gogy Farías, Christian Vizl, among others.


His high altruistic spirit leads him to organize, with the support of Artists, events in favor of Foundations that need economic resources for the continuity of their activities, such as: the “Mexican Confederation of Organizations in Favor of People with Intellectual Disability A.C.”; the “Only for Help Foundation”; the “Michou and Mau IAP Foundation”; The “Hospital of the Child and Adolescent Morelense”; among others. On the occasion of the earthquake of September 19, 2017, he implements the project "Help me to help for Mexico", where Artists of the world donated some of their creations to raise funds, which were destined to the victims.


In 2018, due to his constant concern to enhance Art, he institutes the "International Da Vinci Festival", with special participation as Guests of Honor of the Czech Republic and the State of Tamaulipas, in addition to the participation of more than 60 plastic artists and multiple shows of international stature.


To contribute and encourage the development of art creators, in 2017 he established the “Art Prize”, now the “International Da Vinci Festival Prize”. Three categories are awarded: Painting, Sculpture and Photography. A high jury composed of five recognized personalities, including a curator, a museographer and an expert for each category, qualifies the winning works. Also, Doctor Camacho has been a judge qualifier in recognized national or international Art Contests.


In May 2014, he founded the Cultural Area of the Toluca International Airport, under the context of an exhibition gallery for Pictorial and Sculptural works mainly, managing to offer an exhibition every month.


Maintains Cultural relations by curating exhibitions from various countries, such as: Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Turkey, Slovak Republic, Republic of El Salvador, Hellenic Republic, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria; Arab Republic of Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Iraq, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, State of Kuwait, Lebanese Republic, State of Libya, Kingdom of Morocco, State of Palestine and State of Qatar, among others.


He also curates classical music shows with members of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Mexico, the Corista David Arontes of the National Conservatory of Music, the International Tenor José Luis Ordoñez, the International Pianist Józef Olechowski, the International Soprano Enivia Muré, the Soprano Yutsil Romero, the “Adolfo Chávez Dancer, Ballet companies” and theater or Clown companies.


Its curatorial experience is exclusively focused on Museums or, in the absence of these, Art Institutions or Culture Centers, highlighting the José Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City, the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, the Museum of Modern Art in the State of Mexico, the Torres Bicentennial Museum in the State of Mexico, the Guillermo Ceniceros Museum in Durango, the Athenaeum Contemporary Art Museum of Yucatan, the Tlaxcala Cultural Institute, the Tamaulipas Cultural Center, the Sebastian Foundation in Mexico City, the Museo Joaquín Arcadio Pagaza in the State of Mexico, the Toluca International Airport, the Manuel Felguérez Abstract Art Museum in Zacatecas, the Diego Rivera Museum in Guanajuato, among others.


He collaborates monthly with the prestigious magazine “Líder México” by writing the column of Culture, as well as his participation in various media: Grupo Capital, Megacable, Grupo Rasa and Televisa.