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Radoszyce, POLOGNE

Propriétaire de BIŁASÓWKA Art Gallery (Radoszyce, Poland)

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Tadeusz Czarnecki (born December 12, 1960 in Końskie, Poland) - artist painter, photographer, member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers in 2000-2010 (Legion No. 783), educator, doctor of humanities in the field of pedagogy, Art collector, cultural animator.

He graduated with a diploma from the Institute of Artistic Education at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin in 1987, where he studied under the direction of professors: Marian Stelmasik (painting), Zdzisław Niedźwiedź (graphic arts).

He completed his doctoral studies the University of Opole in the Faculty of History and Pedagogy (1999 – 2003), successfully defending his degree in 2007. The subject of his doctoral dissertation was “Contemporary folk sculpture of the Kielce region as a source of knowledge in regional education.”

His creative work comprises painting (oil, ecoline), drawing, engraving and photography.

His achievements include individual exhibitions at home and abroad (including Polish Institute Leipzig, Germany; Polish Institute Moscow, Russia; Polish Institute Kiev, Ukraine) and participation in group exhibitions and outdoor plein-airs.

His photographs were published, among others, in Art photography (1978-2008), Art Capital (2009). He authored two photo albums: “Next to nature” (2013), “Landscape at the end of the road” (2016). Since June 2011, he has been running his own BIŁASÓWKA Art Gallery in Radoszyce, Poland.