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ERROL (Errol Buwalda)

Rotterdam,  PAYS-BAS

Tel. : +31 6 54942202 / +31 10 4666747

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Errol D. Buwalda, autodidact (selftaught) painter. Born 1963 in Schiedam, the Netherlands.


Errol found himself occupied with his first passion, drawing, already at an early age. Because of his father William D. Buwalda, who was a gifted painter and sculptor in his own right, Errol kept this passion throughout his life wich resulted in a somewhat unusual choice of craft. After having many jobs over the years, in 1993 at the age of 30, Errol decided to pick up the art of tattooing.


It was this profession wich caught Errol’s deep interest in many ancient cultures as well as different Art Movements, such as Jugendstil/Art Nouveau and later Baroque and Rennaisance. While using the Art Nouveau in his tattoo style untill this day, Errol became more and more interested in Baroque and Rennaisance. He started studying the work of Italian Masters such as the sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini and painters Guido Reni and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.


It wasn’t untill 2013 when Errol decided to seriously pick up a brush and did a four day masterclass with Dutch masterpainter Cornelis LeMair. During this class he picked up so much info about materials and techniques that Errol’s “painters bone” got triggered excessively.  From this moment on Errol started painting on an almost daily base next to tattooing in wich he was months booked ahead. Untill now all of his paintings are done in his scarce freetime.


In 2016 Errol has created about 7 paintings, 3 of wich are of good size. Wich proves his dedication to painting and the passion for the style he prefers. The human (nude) body (male and female) is often subject and represents life itself. The deeper meaning of Errol paintings can be found in the situation the figures have been painted in. Religion or ancient mythology are often favorite to symbolize the story of the depicted.






Autodidact/selftaught, from father and a one time 4 day masterclass at Dutch master painter Cornelis LeMair. 








Group exhibition “Unplugged” at Mekanik, Antwerp.





Group exhibition “Gods & Godesses” Art Café Cantine, Amsterdam


Group exhibition “Devils & Demons” Art Café Cantine, Amsterdam





Group exhibition Rotterdam International Art Fair, Laurenkerk, Rotterdam.