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Born in Vietnam in 1964, I grew up in Saigon and, in 1979, left the country as a political refugee, along with my family . I then resettled in Montreal, Canada, completed my medical studies at McGill University, and have been practising Family Medicine since 1992. 


I enjoyed drawing , as a child, and was introduced to painting at age seven. Upon arriving in Canada, I enrolled in 2 courses of acrylic painting in Vanier College. In 2011, I decided to return to the Arts, and undertook formal training in oil painting, first at the Westmount Visual Arts Center, then at the École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal Artus till early 2014. Since then, I have continued to explore and develop my own painting style and vision. In parallel, I also gain drawing skills in an autodidactic manner, regularly practising live model drawing at various Montreal studios.







My interest varies from landscape to still life and portraits, but since 2015, my means of expression has been focused on the nude. The model with her personality, her thoughts and emotions, determine the mood found in my creative work. Combining traditional painting principles in composition and colors theory with a personal approach, I depict the human being facing herself, in an introverted moment.  My recurrent themes include the complexity of emotions, the fleeting nature of reality, and as a consequence, the unique beauty of the moment. 







Portrait painting, Grisaille workshop, with Élaine Despins, Montreal, Canada, May 2015.


Live model drawing, with Sylvie Arsenault, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada, Spring 2015.


“Solving The Mystery of Skin Tones ‘’, painting workshop with Élaine Despins, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, March 2015.


Painting Program , School of Fine Arts of Montreal Artus, with Nikolai Kupriakov, Canada, 2011 – 2014.


Landscape and architectural painting workshop, with Nikolai Kupriakov, Villefranche de Conflent, France, August 25th till September 6th, 2012.


Principles of Painting, with Gaétane Lavoie, Westmount Visual Arts Center, Montreal, Canada, January – April 2011.


Painting 1, Painting 2 ; Vanier College, Montreal, Canada, 1982 -1983.


Introduction to painting, Trung Tâm Hoi Hoa Thiêu Nhi Lê Van Khoa ( Fine Arts Academy for Children ), Saigon, Vietnam, 1971.








‘’ Le Temps d’une Pose’’, Galerie Erga, Montreal, Canada, October 12th -16th, 2017.






" Les Couleurs d'une Pose'', Galerie d'Art Urbania, Québec, Canada. July 2018.


''En Hommage du Refus Global'', Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mont Saint-Hilaire, Canada. October 2018.


‘’ View points ‘’, Mount-Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Canada, August 2015.


‘’ Emotions ‘’ , Crystal Racine Gallery, Montreal, Canada, June 2014.


Annual Exposition , Artothèque, Montreal, Canada, 2012, 2013 and 2014.


‘’ L’art Joyeux ‘’, Maison Dupont Gallery, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Canada, November 2013.


‘’ Images of Canada ‘’, Salle Culturelle Lannelonge, Villefranche de Conflent, France, September 2012.


‘’ Montreal, City of Four Seasons ‘’, Mount-Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Canada, August 2012.


‘’ Earth ‘’, Crystal Racine Gallery, Montreal, Canada, June 2012.


Annual Exposition of the Westmount Visual Arts Centre, April 2011.



Expositions with selection by a jury



The 20th Cultural Day of Montreal, Reine Vanille Gallery, Montreal, Canada, October 2016.


‘’ Dreams to Remember ‘’, Pop-up Gallery, Montreal, Canada, April 2016.


Exposition with R.A.W., La Tulipe, Montreal, Canada, October 2015.


Live painting and exposition, ‘’Songes d’été’’, Summer festival of Val-David, Canada, August 2014.


‘’ Les Chemins de la Renaissance’’, Visual Arts Summer Exposition, Lac Mégantic, Canada, June to September 2014.


Spring Exposition, Department of Fine Arts, Vanier College, Montreal, Canada, 1983.







Co-creation of 8 paintings, with Céline Ricaud, model and art agent, Tarbes, France, May 2018.


Co-directing, Painting workshop, Centre de la Traversée,  Zénitud’art Project , Montreal, Canada, Spring 2017.


Live portrait painting sessions, Fund Raising for Multicaf, Côtes-des-Neiges, Montreal, Canada,  2015 and 2016.







Honorable Mention ( 4th place finish ) , Mount-Royal Cemetery Exposition, Montreal, Canada, 2012.


Artists’s Choice Award, Mount-Royal Cemetery Exposition, Montreal, Canada, 2012.