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Ontario, CANADA

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" Mitchell found his love for photography at the age of 16 when he was given his first camera. He has a passion for wildlife, landscapes and the abstract, calling it therapy for the mind and soul. Mitchell is making images as often as possible, observing and capturing natures art as he see's it. 


Mitchells work has been accepted in Juried shows such as Touched by Fire, an exhibition hosted by the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, and a juried show at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery. He had just recently hung a series in a solo show at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery. Currently Mitchell is working on a series of Nature collages blending both wildlife and decay. The images are set to hang in a local gallery. He is also working on a book project entitled Celebrating Generations, a coffee table book celebrating generational firefighters in the Fire service." 





Photography is therapy for my mind and soul. As someone who lives with chronic depression and anxiety, having a camera in my hands changes my outlook on things. My perspective changes, things shift, emotions are challenged, the pain seems to escape me and new opportunities are often realized. My focus becomes tuned. The camera soothes me and grounds me.


I search out details that are often overlooked as we go about our busy lives. I look for the unusual. Nature's art is all around us: I don't create it; it's already there. I just try to capture it, to preserve my vision for others to see, in hopes that the images I produce might just be someone else's means of escape, their own therapy.


Mitchell Brown: Photographer 





"Across our Land" solo show. Station 1 Coffee house


"As Worlds Collide" solo show Paisley Coffee house and Eatery


"Inside Me : A Stranger Amongst a Mess" solo show Grimsby Public Art Gallery 





Annual Art show, Grimsby Public Art Gallery 2 pieces won best local talent Touched by Fire, 1 piece