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Campo Bom – RS - BRÉSIL

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VERA REICHERT is a visual artist from Brazil. Since 1986 she has dedicated herself to plastic arts. She works with paintings, hotographs, objects and videos.


In all her photographs and paintings, the reference theme is the WATER, focusing on algae on the surface of the water or corals under the sea. She noticed similarities between the stains formed by algae and the abstract shapes of the coral she observed at the bottom of the sea while diving. 


The images deceive the eye and the algae formation on the surface of the water appears like scars on the surface, captured from space. What gives that impression is the way the images were taken, from above: from a boat, from a harbor or even just standing still in the water.


The artist portrays the environment, speaking of the scarcity of water on the planet. This relationship between her work and the environment has been featured in several art magazine, newspaper, radio and television interviews. In addition to this, she frequently gives speeches and presentations about preserving the environment and how her work relates to this goal.


She launched a 254 pages book in 2017, ”The restless eye”. This book traces her artistic and personal journey and her concern about the water in our planet.


She graduated from UFRGS University in 1972, with a major in Languages (Portuguese, English and German). She had two more University Extensions in Art from 2007 to 2009 and several studies, courses and workshops with many experienced artist.


Her first exhibition was in 1996 and since then she had been featured  32 solo exhibitions and dozens of group exhibitions in Brazil and outside the country, as France, Austria, Ireland, Australia, Canada, United States, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay. In Switzerland she won 3 pages in an art magazine called “Artnatic” and participated of a group exhibition at Brazil Consulate.  Vera has also received an honorable mention in an International Circuit of Brazilian Art in Austria and France.     


(In France the 2 solo exhibitions were at Galeria Espace Quadra in Paris in May, 2002 (this Gallery was situated at 10, rue Jean Giraudoux) and at François Deschamps in June, 2002.)