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Rishon LeZion, ISRAEL

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Photography - Fine art / Street photography


My name is Andrey Pochernin. I was born in the industrial center of Ukraine, in the city of Zaporozhye. When I was 12 years old, my parents and I moved to Israel. In Israel I graduated high school and musical school. In school I was in a rock band. Also, during my service in the army I took a participation in an army music band. After the army, I traveled a lot all over the world, during that time I started to get fascinated with photography (portraits, street photography and landscape).


I have MA in psychology. It was then I first wanted to show the inner world of people through photography.


In order to specialize, I often attend courses of photography and different master classes of recognized photography artists.


In current moment, I work in a field of sales (vehicles). On my work I meet a lot of people and understand how different we are. I would like to convey this feeling through my photographs.


I engage in professional photography for three years now. I keep evolving continuously, taking courses, participating in lectures and workshops. I also instruct workshops for beginners and more advanced photographers. 


Up to this point I have received numerous certificates on annual international photography contest “35 awards”, and also entered TOP-100 photographers of Israel etc. 



My photographs were displayed on the following exhibitions 



Ravnikar Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia (January 9th - 11th 2020) 


Qlick Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Nov 8-10, 2019)