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Catalin Domniteanu is a an artist and a professional engineer with a long relation with the stained glass. The art of visual storytelling using bits of filtered light seduced him into a journey that lasted more than 20 years, to finally emerge into an artistic career marked by kaleidoscopic experiences in a mosaic of industries. He explores the art of stained glass and researches new expression channels for his design in his studio in NW Calgary, Canada.


Born in the late 60’s, in an industrial city placed at the confluence of the Danube River and its largest affluent, the Siret River, he pursued an engineering education in his hometown at the Lower Danube University of Galati, while working for the National Railways Company as a railway switches and optical signal technician. In the early 90’s, in his student years, he grew interested (culturally) in the stained glass art by visiting old churches and institutions. Furthermore, he became fascinated (technically) of how color coding the light signals allow communication over distances.


Although the beginning is not abundant in glamorous projects, he celebrates dearly this part of his journey that shaped his daring approach to boundaries and paradigms.


The following years he continued to improve his technique, occasionally executed restoration work, and finished a painting course before immigrating to Canada, in 2004.


Shortly after his arrival in Calgary, he worked at Tiffany House (while learning the English language), a stained glass company located in the outskirts of the vibrant Kensington district.


A year later he took the path of an engineering career, but continued restoration work for another few years, moonlighting. Finally, the economic downturn of 2015 offered him the opportunity to explore his life-long passion for stained glass.  So he made a number of projects intended to showcase his artistic philosophy and skills.  One of them (Space Matters: a Statement), expanding the make of stained glass to three dimensions, investigates scientific topics, such as cosmology and quantum mechanics, and has been exhibited at the Rothney Astronomical Observatory in Calgary. Another one (Sailing Away: the Emigrant) challenged even further the 3D potential of the stained glass (by size, weight, and complexity).  Also, an enthusiastic volunteering participation to the Celebration of Art event in 2016 resulted in a set of four 3D stained glass projects for the schools of the Dalhousie community.


With this work, Catalin has marked one of his artistic commitments. The other two will follow soon.






Catalin Domniteanu’s artistic formulation is rooted into the praise for light’s dominance over all that surrounds us, mundane or extraordinary. In defining his artistic philosophy, he realizes that a considerable influence comes from appreciating that stained glass has been exquisitely exploited for its narrative and decorative competence. Yet, he believes that stained glass possesses still an unused artistic potential in modern architecture.


This personal commitment stimulates his artistic approach, in which uninhibited concept design coalesces with technological augmentation to cheerfully cultivate the following three pillars of his artistic philosophy and creativity:


An invigorating departure from the bi-dimensional amplitude of traditional stained glass.


A magnetizing employment of light's flexibility.


A provocative alteration of static imagery opting to enable live dialogues with viewers. 


Catalin’s work confides in inter-disciplinary artistic fecundity. He willfully seeks eclectic arrangements, which carefully integrated into the traditional making process empower centuries-old stained glass expressivity with new 3D+ virtues.






Lower Danube University of Galati (Romania)

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Mechanical Engineering (1990 – 1995)


Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest (Romania) 

Diploma, Marketing (2001 – 2002)


Lower Danube Cultural Center of Galati (Romania)

Diploma, Painting (2000 – 2003)