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Born 15-5-1958 Gent, Belgium


1970-1973: secundary school  Latin-Greek 


1973-1976: secundary school modern Languages (Dutch, French, English, German)


1977: high school Coovi option Languages (Spanish, Arabic) - Tourism - art history, Brussels


1978-1980: high school St Lucas Art school, Ghent  drawing, painting, weaving, batik, composition, art history 


AUTODIDACT : Study of life model and life portrait  and different techniques: drawing with graphite, pastel, charcoal,

painting with oil and mixed media (since 1973), watercolor color (since 2010)


Since always a passion for music and dance


1974-1987: organising artistic workshops for children and adolescents


since 1981: working in several multifunctional jobs with social contacts, with designing, translating and also commercial aspects. I also do artistic commissions and workshops realistic watercolor portrait. 


Member of the board of IWS Belgium and IWS Canada, member of the AFB (les aquarellistes Francophones de Belgique) 






I have been drawing since my childhood. Already with a preference for faces and figures.  Lucky to be born in an artistic family, encouraged by my father and grand mother who both painted and created.


I started drawing at the art school, also a living model with pencil, charcoal, pastel. Included was a  training in weaving and batik, oil paint and acrylic and the study of art history. 


But in the end i fell in love with watercolor which became my main medium and passion. Following a number of workshops with  watercolor masters and going further as an autodidact. Now from time to time i give workshops realistic watercolor portrait. 


I had solo exhibitions in Belgium and i participated and go on participating in various exhibitions in Belgium and abroad... Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. I am a member of IWS Belgium, IWS Canada and l' AFB (les aquarellistes Francophones de Belgique)


I was always fascinated by people, other cultures, dance, music, social happenings.... Which is also reflected in the choice of my subjects. I can only  paint a subject if i feel a special connection. Then i step into the skin of the subject to display this feeling, atmosphere, situation  to the viewer.  "The eyes are the mirrors of the soul"  is a very important sentence. 


I have painted many Cuban portraits based on photo's taken by my husband during our stay in Cuba. Every individual has a very personal and interesting life story of joy, happiness but also grief and sadness which i try to tell. I am also inspired by photo's of friends photographers, who give me permission to make a painting always with my own final touch.   


Tones and values, the play of light and dark, colors, composition are the main components in all my realistic works. Sometimes i use a certain pallet with bright colors, sometimes a  very limited pallet or only sepia. I always use  paint and paper with professional quality, which is very important with watercolor. With my technique i start wet in wet to end with details in the dry. Every painting needs a personal approach and time to be finished. But to see a painting finally accomplished is every time a great joy. 






2012 : 25-26/6   


Collectif art exhibition mixed media, Hansbeke, Belgium, organised by Eric Meuleman 



2014: 2/5-27/6


Solo exhibition 'Eyes, mirors of the soul' LefInsArt Portraits in 'De thuishaven', Ghent, Belgium



2015: 18-19/4


37 th price Akwarel Lionsclub Antwerp in 'De Ruiterhal', Brasschaat, Belgium



2015: 23-26/4


Participation with the Belgian community in Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy 



2015: 1/6-17/7


Solo exhibition 'LefinsArt portraits' in st Lucas Hospital, Ghent, Belgium



2015: 12/9-10/0


Exposicio Collectiva Internacional 'Cruzando Fronteras' in Barcelona, Spain invited as a guest of honor by Astrid Vlemmings 



2015: 5-27/9


36 tht watercolor salon of the Belgian watercolor institute, theme Music, Gallery Campo & campo Antwerp, Belgium 



2015: 24/10-2/11


14tht Salon de l'Aquarelle de Belgique in Tour & Taxis, Brussels invited by Guy Gruwier  



2015: December


Collectif watercolor exhibition organised by Piet Van Aken, Meise, Belgium 



2016: 2-17/4


Collectif mixed media exhibition De Kunstbloem, Hof Van Ryhove, Ghent, Belgium



2016: 21-24/4


Participation with the Belgian Community in  Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy 





Donated my work to  the watercolor museum Fabriano, Italy  



2016: 13/5-9/6        


Artheek, mixed media exhibition in the City hall of Lokeren, Belgium 





September :  International watercolor exhibition, River City shopping center complex in Bangkok organised by IWS Thailand 



2016: 3-4/12


Hagelands Aquarelsalon in De Linde Neerlinter, Belgium invited as a guest artist by Hagelandse Aquarelkring





Participating in the watercolor museum with 1 small work in Thessaloniki organised by George Politis 



2017: 20-23/4        


Participation with the Belgian Community in Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy 





Donated my work to the watercolor museum Fabriano, Italy



2017: 13-28/5


Artheek, mixed media exhibition in the City hall of Lokeren, Belgium



2017: 1/5-22/7


1st internacional watercolor festival, 'Light water color' travelling exhibition in Torres Vedras and Lissabon organised by IWS Portugal



2017: 1-27/8


37 tht watercolor salon of the Belgian Watercolor institute in the Landcommanderij, Alden Biesen, Belgium. my work by public votes in the top 6



2017: 23/9-1/10


Heritage@art in the Vredeburg Museum Yogyakarta organised by IWS Indonesia 



2017: 9/11-14/12


International watercolor Salon II, Thessaloniki Greece, organised  by George Politis



2018: 24/2-18/3


Participation and demonstration during  Les Aquarellades, les Anciens Abatoirs, Mons, Belgium by Freddy Samain & Fabienne Crepeele



2018: 3-7/5


Participation with the Belgian Community in Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy 



2018: 11/5-10/6


Artheek, a mixed media exhibition organised by the city of Lokeren in  Art center De Wasserij, Lokeren Belgium 



2018: 23/6-2/9


Participation with the Belgian watercolor institute in the collectif exhibition Museo Parisi Valle in Maccagno, Italy 



2018: 20-28/10


Collectif exhibition of les aquarellistes Francophones de Belgique, Gallerie du Beffroi Namur, Belgium



2018: 28-9/27-10


'Symphony in watercolor' selected as a finalist for the travelling exhibition in Richmond Hill and Toronto, organised by IWS Canada



2019: 15-16/3


Hagelands Aquarelsalon in De Linde Neerlinter, Belgium invited as a guest artist by Hagelandse Aquarelkring



2019: 1-30


'Make the watercolor great again' in the house of Parliament Bucharest, organised  by IWS Romania 



2019: 17/5-2/6


Artheek, a mixed media exhibition in the City hall of Lokeren, Belgium



2019: 22-23/6


41 tht price Akwarel Lionsclub Antwerp, Belgium



2019: 1-30/7


International watercolor Triennal Varna, Gallery Boris Georgiev, organised by IWS Bulgaria


More exhibitions up to come in the future and next years and new projects. A new solo exhibition is also planned.