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Place of birth : Quito, Ecuador

Date of birth : January 7th. 1979


The artist Mauri Virtanen is based in the city of Quito wich is the place where he studied architecture, usually he exhibits his paintings in Ecuador and other places around the world and has been recognized with some awards in Ecuador, Finland and Romania such as the First Place in the International Art Contest for children and youth “OPEN DOORS” that took place in Romania in 1996. His first international solo exhibition was inaugurated in the Palace of the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest-Romania in 2001, his artworks are in private and public collections worldwide.


Mauri strives to create a conversation between the viewer and the image by painting what he sees and by creating compositions, his mission is to capture scenes of life, architecture, horses and flowers in a natural setting. His artworks are an exaltation of the color and shape, of the drawing and composition, of the rhythm and movement, of the unity in the variety and of the landscape considered as a living celebrity.


From five years on he paints almost exclusively with watercolors, as watercolorist he has won the first place in the International contest of portraits that took place in Romania in 2016, has participated in numerous international events such as Bienials and festivals worldwide and  from 2016 he is the country head of IWS Ecuador.










He initiates his education at six years of age attending children´s workshops wich were specialized in drawing, painting and ceramics in the Art School of the Central University of Quito.




Participates in the Interescholar contest of children painting organized by the National Secretary of the Convention Andres Bello, first category, Quito, Ecuador.





Participates in the first school contest of artistic initiation organized by Editorial Planeta, Quito, Ecuador.





Attends workshop of techniques of ceramic modeling given by the Cuban sculptor Enrique Angulo and organized by CCE (Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana), Quito, Ecuador.





Attends the course of drawing, watercolor and  oil painting given by the teacher Luis Morales, Quito, Ecuador.





Attends the watercolor and drawing courses given by teacher Ramiro Almeida and promoted by L´ART gallery, Quito, Ecuador.


Attends the watercolor course given by the German watercolorist Peter Zimmet, Quito, Ecuador.





Participates and attends the Plastic Arts International Contest organized by the “Lasten ja Nuorten Taidekeskus” in Hyvinkää Finland, first place and Gold medal, 13-15 years of age category.





Participates and attends the Open Doors International Arts Competition organized by the Víctor Karpis Institute and the Romanian Cultural Affairs Ministry in the city of Giurgiu, Romania. First place and Gold medal 15-17 years category.





Participates in the second Open Doors International Competition in the same Romanian Art Center. First place and Gold medal with certificate, 15-17 years of age category, price given in the C.C.E. ( Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana).





Participates in the International Art Competition “The Rose of Lidice” Lidice, Czech Republic. Honorable Mention.


Participates in the third Arts International Competition “Open Doors” at the Víctor Karpis school of arts in Giurgiu, Romania. Honorable diploma and gold medal: “Usi deschise”.





Participates in the International Contests of Portraits of Romanian celebrities ACASA LA CARAGIALE, first price with his watercolor artwork PORTRAIT OF NADIA COMANECI.





Participates in the 1st. International Watercolor Festival, invited artist and receives a honorific prize, 01.08.2018, Prague - Czech Republic.





Participates in the 3rd. International Watercolor Exhibition & Festival, invited artist and receives a BEST WATERCOLOR ARTIST AWARD, 01.06.2019, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Receives a SPECIAL AWARD in the International Watercolor Competition "STEP BY STEP", 15.08.2019, Gdansk, Poland.


Receives an APRECIATION AWARD, Abu Rawash 3rd. International Watercolor Contest 2019, 08.09.2019.







Art center Lasten ja Nuorten Taidekeskus, Hyvinkää, Finland.





Art center Victor Karpis, Giurgiu, Romania.





Art center Victor Karpis, Giurgiu, Romania.


Muzeum Slovansky Svet, Sofía, Bulgaria


Strakonice  Museum Lidice, Czech Republic.





Fundación Ecuatoriana de Desarrollo, 9. 8. 2001, Quito, Ecuador.





Museo de arte contemporáneo PLAZA, exhibition DIA NACIONAL DE LA ACUARELA 2014, 23. 08. 2014, La Paz, Bolivia.


Galeria de Arta Russe, 26. 08. 2014, Russe, Bulgaria


Muzeul Judetean Teohari  Antonescu, 28.10. 2014, Giurgiu, Romania.





Museo de la acuarela del Estado de México, exhibition EL COLOR SE MUEVE, ARTE CORREO, from 17. 01. 2015 to 29. 03. 2015, Toluca, México.


Exhibition "Cuore di donna, progetto itinerante", 1-30. 04. 2015, Neuquén, Buenos aires (Argentina) and Sarno, Roccapiemonte (Italy)


Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3, exhibition ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI, A.R.T. 2015, 07-11. 05. 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.


Geba Art Gallery, exhibition of South American and Caribean art ARTE Y FUTBOL 2015, from 03. 06. 2015 to 10. 07. 2015, Bogotá, Colombia.


Art Gallery Papatzikou, watercolor mail art exhibition GLIMPSES OF EVERYDAY LIFE, 18-30. 06. 2015, Atenas, Greece.


Galeria de Arta Silvia Grosujelescu, exhibition ISTORIA UNEI CLIPE GIURGIU, 24. 07. 2015, Giurgiu, Romania.


Museo de arte contemporáneo PLAZA, exhibition DIA NACIONAL DE LA ACUARELA 2015, 23. 08. 2015, La Paz, Bolivia.


Galeria LABYRINTH, exhibition ANOTIMPURILE ROMANEI, 05-30.10. 2015, Bucharest, Romania.


Verkatehdas museum, exhibition in homage of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, 11-30. 09. 2015


Palace of the Congresses in Tirana, First International Watercolor Biennial of Tirana, 21-25.11.2015, Tirana, Albania.


Museo de la acuarela del Estado de México, exhibition EL COLOR SE MUEVE, ARTE CORREO, from 17. 01. 2016 to 29. 03. 2016, Toluca, México.2016 Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3, exhibition ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI, A.R.T. 2016, 21-25. 05. 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.





Exhibition "CUORE DI DONNA PROGETTO ITINERANTE",  25-30. 11. 2015  in Bariloche (Argentina),  3-11.12. 2015 in  Buenos Aires (Argentina) and 15-28. 02. 2016 in Roccapiemonte (Italy).


Get Art Museum, 1-18. 04. 2016, Taipei, Taiwan.


Exhibition of the awarded portraits of the 15th International Festival of Portraits ACASA LA CARAGIALE, Club of Cartonists, from 12. 04. 2016 to 12. 05. 2016, Bucharest, Romania.


Atenul Nicolae Balanescu, exhibition DUNAREA-O FEREASTRA CATRE LUME, from 20. 04. 2016 to 20. 05. 2016, Giurgiu, Romania.


Gallery Progres in Belgrade, 4th. International Watercolor Biennial of Belgrade, 15-29.05.2016, Belgrade, Serbia.


National Museum of Watercolor Guati Rojo, 9th. edition of the Award of the Watercolor Mexican Society, from 19.05.2016 to 12.06.2016, México DF, México.


LeyDan Gallery, annual LEYDAN 2016 exhibition and costest, 01-31.05.2016, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


Malom gallery, MAIL ART EXHIBITION 2016, 20.05.2016, Nyiracsad, Hungary.


Varna City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev", 1st. International Watercolor Triennial of Varna WATERcolor & SPIRIT, 15.07.2016 - 15.08.2016, Varna, Bulgaria.


City art Gallery, first step of the travelling exhibition of the Watercolor Triennale of Varna WATERcolro & SPIRIT, 15.08.2016 - 15.09.2016, Sevlievo, Bulgaria.


Stephanie Palace Exhibiton Hall, 1st. International Budapest Watercolor Festival "Freedom of Self Expression", 9-24.09.2016, Budapest, Hungary.


City Art Gallery "Dimitar Dobrovich, hall "Sirak Skitnik , second step of the travelling exhibition of the Watercolor Triennale of Varna WATERcolro & SPIRIT, 15.09.2016 - 15.10.2016, Sliven, Bulgaria.


Hong Kong Visual Art Centre, First International watercolor Biennial of Hong Kong, 13-16, 10, 2016, Hong Kong.


Studio-Gallery Radovan Trvanac Mica, International Exhibition of Contemporary Watercolor, 26.10.206 - 26.11.2016, Valjevo, Serbia.


Gallery Constantin Brancusi (Palace of the Romanian Parliament), Exhibition Universuri Artistice, 5-31.12.2016, Bucharest, Romania.


Arkki Library, International Bookmarks Exhibition, 01-30.11.2016, Pälkäne, Finland





Casa Achoy, International Watercolor Exhibition TODAS LAS AGUAS, 12-31.1.2017, Culiacán, México.


Itchimbia art center, First International Watercolor Biennial of Quito, 01.03.2017 - 02.04.2017, Quito, Ecuador


Muzeul National al Satului "Dimitrie Gusti", Expozitie de Arta Contemporana IN AMONTE PE DUNARE 2017, 05.03.2017 - 02.04.2017, Bucharest, Romania


National Historical Museum, Second International watercolor Biennial of Tirana, 12.03.2017 - 12.04.2017, Tirana, Albania


Jordan National Art Gallery of Fine Arts, First international Watercolor Forum, 01.10.2017 - 30.10.2017, Amman, Jordan.


Museo de la Acuarela MUÑOZ MARIÑO, Exhibition LA CIUDAD EN LA MIRADA DE LOS URBAN SKETCHERS, 07.09.2017, Quito, Ecuador.


Casona Santibañez, First International watercolor Biennal of Cochabamba, 17.11.2017 - 17.12.2017, Cochabamba, Bolivia.


Palace of Congresses, MASTERS OF WATERCOLOR INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, 23-26.11.2017, Tirana, Albania.


Gallery Kath Sant, EXHIBITION REGALA ARTE, 14.12.2017 - 14.01.2018, Quito, Ecuador.





Numismatic Museum, EXHIBITION EN LA MIRADA DE LOS URBAN SKETCHERS, 29.06.2018 - 29.08.2018, Quito, Ecuador.


Gallery Mannes, FIRST INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR FESTIVAL, 03-10.08.2018, Prague, Czech Republic.


Watercolor Museum of Mexico, TLALOC PRIZE EXHIBITION 2018, 11.10.2018, México DF, México.


Hall of the Municipality of Quito, QUITO LIENZO ETERNO EXHIBITION, 15.11.2018, Quito, Ecuador.


Casa de la Cultura de Guayaquil, FIRST INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION OF GUAYAQUIL, 20.11.2018 - 20.12.2018, Guayaquil, Ecuador.





Central University of Quito, INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION "UP IN THE AIR 2019", 31.01.2019 - 28.02.2019, Quito, Ecuador.


Centrul Cultural Al Mai, INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION "LUMEA IN ARMONIE PRIN ARTA", 18.04.2019 - 05.05.2019, Bucharest, Romania.


Silk Factory Studio Gallery, 3rd. INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR FESTIVAL & FESTIVAL, 01-06.06.2019, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Kaapelitehdas Gallery, 1st. INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION AND FESTIVAL "NATURE, POWER, BEAUTY", 09-14.07.2019, Helsinki, Finland.


Gallery Daliko, EXHIBITION "IN AMONTE PE DUNARE", 06-31.07.2019, Krems, Austria.


Las Peñas Cultural Association, 53rd. INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, 25-26.07.2019, Guayaquil, Ecuador.







Exhibition:”Summer Shades”, ESPOJ, 26.8.1999, Quito, Ecuador.





Exhibition at  the Amorella Gallery, 14.12.2000 Quito, Ecuador.





Exhibition at  the Army Geographic Institute,  10.5.2001, Quito, Ecuador.


Exhibition: “Umbrele verii”, at the "Uniunii Artistilor Plastici" Gallery, 3.9.2001,  Giurgiu, Romania.


Exhibition at  the Romanian Parliament in the Constantin Brancusi Gallery, 12.9.2001, Bucarest, Romania.





Exhibition in the Metropolitan fair run by the Municipality of Quito, 11.11.2003, Centro de Exposiciones Quito, Quito, Ecuador.





Exhibition "Identity" at  the French Alliance, 10.10.2005, Guayaquil, Ecuador.





Exhibition at  the "Galeria en Movimiento" facilities, 2-28.02.2008, Quito, Ecuador.





Exhibition "Caballos y flores", Cafelibro, 1-30.08.2013, Quito, Ecuador


Exhibition at  the  Scoala Gimnaziala de Arta Viktor Karpis, 16.10.2013, Giurgiu, Romania.












Member of the UNION OF PLASTIC ARTISTS OF ROMANIA branch of Giurgiu


Member of the  NORDISKA AKVARELLSÁLLSKAPET-NAS (Nordic Watercolor Society).


Appointed as Corepresentative of IWS ECUADOR (International Watercolor Society branch Ecuador), 15.03.2016


Appointed as COUNTRY HEAD of IWS ECUADOR (International Watercolor Society branch Ecuador), 28.09.2016


Appointed as BOARD MEMBER of IWS ECUADOR (International watercolor Society), 01.11.2016


Appointed as JURY MEMBER, 6th  INTERNATIONAL "ZEUGMA - LOVE, TOLERANCE AND PEACE THROUGH ART'' Watercolor Festival & Golden Brush Contest, 17.06.2017, Ganziantep, Turkey.


Appointed as JURY MEMBER, BODY PAINTING INTERNATIONAL CONTEST, 11.02.2018, Veracruz, Puyo, Ecuador.









Watercolor demonstration during the festivities of the city of Guayaquil, Casa del Artista Plástico, 25.07.2017, Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Watercolor online workshop sponsored by the WATERCOLOR MAGAZINE with the subject PAINT A HORSE, 26-30.06.2017


Watercolor demonstration to celebrate the DAY OF THE CULTURE, Ministry of Culture of Ecuador, 07.08.2017, Quito, Ecuador.


Watercolor demonstration as part of the exhibition REGALA ARTE, Gallery Kath Sant, 14.12.2017, Quito, Ecuador.





Watercolor plein air demonstration for the boy scouts of Quito, Metropolitan Park, Quito, Ecuador, 07.01.2018


Watercolor demonstration during the FIRST INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR FESTIVAL IN PRAGUE, Gallery Mannes, 04.07.2018, Prague, Czech Republic.


Watercolor plein air workshop and demonstration, DIMITRIE GUSTI Village Museum, 07.08.2018, Bucharest, Romania.


Watercolor plein air workshop and demonstration, TEOHARI ANTONESCU Giurgiu Museum, 09.08.2018, Giurgiu, Romania.


Watercolor workshop, SCOALA GIMNAZIALA DE ARTA  VICTOR KARPIS, 10.08.2018, Giurgiu, Romania.





Watercolor demonstration in the TV channel of the Central University of Quito, 21.01.2019, Quito, Ecuador.


Watercolor demonstration in the TV channel Asomavision, 27.01.2019, Quito, Ecuador.


Watercolor demonstration in the Central University of Quito, 01.02.2019, Quito, Ecuador.


Watercolor demonstration in the Silk Factory Studio Gallery, 03.06.2019, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Watercolor demonstration in the Hall of the Railway Station of Quito, 26.06.2019, Quito, Ecuador.