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Albany, Oregon, USA

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BRICE NORLIN - Details of the digital Artworks.pdf






My name is Brice Norlin, 53 years old and I'm from the Pacific North West in Oregon - USA.


I began this journey about five years ago when i became disabled and was unable to work. I've always have had a passion for the arts and photography since a young age and thought what better way to use my time. That is when i created "Blind Dog Imagery" as a way to share and publish my artwork to my friends, family and eventually the world. Over time my passion began to grow as well as my need to push the edges and start looking outside the box in my own works and creativity and I'm always on the lookout for something different, That new twist that can create something beautiful and unusual. 






I used a LG Stylo 3 Plus Android SmartPhone using a verity of android apps and filters to create my works. 


Everything was shot, Processed, Produced, and Published using nothing but my SmartPhone as my media source. I used several techniques of blending, overlays, masking, multiple abstracts and bold bright colors to create the images that you are seeing now.



« Art is a Feeling, It’s an Emotion, It’s the sharing of the creators sole and one's perception of the world around them. It’s ultimate goal is to allow the viewer to resonate in its wonderment and grandeur. To think, To inspire, To make life beautiful once more. »