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Wageningen, Netherlands (Pays-Bas)

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Thea Vos, Wageningen 1956. As a shy and modest child, I was always doing crafts, building, painting and in short always creative and also regularly won prizes with drawing competitions. Going to the art academy was a step too far for me and it was not really encouraged from home. Then the care. In addition, I continued to do creative research, courses such as etching, photography, screen printing and of course painting. I started a business with hand-printed and self-designed clothing and continued to paint fanatically. At a later age I went to the academy of art to further develop my craetive talents and joined various organizations or was an initiator of artists' collective etc. After giving painting lessons for many years, I started focusing on my own work and exhibiting more in early 2018.





2019 : 4 day exclusive masterclass, Helen Verhoeven


2014-2018 : Upgraders in Art Academy Arnhem


2013 : Portrait Workshop Siegfried Woldhek


2013 : Workshop collage Harald van der Vlught


2012 : Etching, Rembrandt Workshop


2012 : Workshop Painting after Rembrandt


2011 : Masterclass Sam Drukker


2005-2008 : New Academy Utrecht


2007 : Art History


2002-2005 : School of the Arts Nijmegen


2004 : Photographic etching  


1996-1998 : Photography/film/image editing


1998-2000 : Graphic design


1992-1995 : Silkscreens


1992-1995 : Old Painting Techniques 





In my work, people and animals are represented in all kinds of ways. Sometimes alone, often several figures on a canvas. The people stare at you, whether or not in their nudity. They seem soulless, lonely, their words silenced. There are often masks, blindfolds and face- or headless figures to be seen. Sometimes figures are caged. Girls have a pop-like appearance. The dog often traverses this image. 


My fascination goes out to the emotion. The emotion as a universal fact, independent of culture, race and zeitgeist. The emotional deformities that occur when young people are taught to behave appropriately. The painting process is the search for what is real and what has been learned or imposed. 


While painting I search for objectification of the image that is being created. By painting away parts of the work or sometimes adding new elements, I "de-bite" my subject. Layer by layer. Until only that which really matters remains. 


In this way a process of individuation takes place while painting, a broadening of consciousness, which, in the words of Jung, "leads to adulthood, to what you have always been". I paint the awakening of the female image, no longer hindered by the girl who was hindered by her upbringing and family history. 


For my paintings I use an image archive, a collection of images via the internet, from newspapers and by photographing myself. The images I choose are always loaded with memory or recognition. A painting often starts with a collage, which is intuitively composed from this collection of images. 


I prefer to work in acrylic, because this material allows sanding, polishing and washing. I use silk-screen printing and transfer techniques to create depth, sharpening and blurring in the painting in order to express past and desire. 


A work can sometimes stand a long time in wait, only to be suddenly tackled again. I do not hesitate to change the image drastically. The work must always meet the criterion that it is "real". Only then is the work completed. 







Sabine van Paemel Gallery Dixmuide/Brugge Belgium


Elisekagallery Hasselt Belgium


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Alte Spedition Galery Essen/Gladbeck Germany





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Pan Museum Emmerich Germany


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Anual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam


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Eindexpositie Upgraders in Art Arnhem


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