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Pékin (Beijing), CHINE

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Jin Yu, Male was born in April 1979 in Heilongjiang province


Graduated from Art Department of Normal College of Shenzhen Universities in 2004, and now he is a professional artist settling in Beijing


Member of oil painting committee of Beijing academy of calligraphy and painting arts


Member of Shenzhen artists association


Member of portrait society of America


At present, I live in Beijing.  After graduation from Shenzhen University, I worked as a teacher. Later, out of my strong desire for art creation and to expand the artistic creation space, I quit my job and started to reflect on this in 2009.


My first step was to cycle across Tibet.  It took me more than four months to visit many remote areas.  I wished to create a spiritual bond and a fresh dimension of thought between this mysterious land and my principle of art creation.


On order to find my own unique language on the road of creation, I have made many attempts to find inspiration in national characteristics and Chinese history and culture, but I am not satisfied with the results, and finally I found the answer from the saying : “My biggest enemy is the angle of myself.”


That is to say, I learned to break the frames of mind.  What I saw then was no longer an objective world.  It seemed as if I had entered another world.  I learned to observe without restraint.  Being able to paint freely, as I understand, should be a reflection of speculative and philosophical thinking, not just a copy of nature.  Painting can only be obtained by thinking, imagination and fantasy, combined with the real feeling of self-expression.


I attach great importance to the expression of personality and spiritual outlook in my creation.  The eyes of the picture image lead the viewers into their living environment and feel the character of the image.  In picture processing, I like to create a real and mysterious artistic realm by combining classical sculpting techniques with self-emotional transfiguration, gorgeous colors and romantic feelings.  Through my brush, I can feel the most beautiful quality of human nature.







Moovart co-expo Firence Zeffirelli Museum Florence, Italy





2019/3/2  - BAOKU The ring art gallery of Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Shanghai


2019/4/30 -  “Art Beijing”Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Hall


2019/5/20 - XING-YUAN Oil painting nomination exhibition of youth


2019/6/21-6/29 - Get the first price in International Art Prize 2019-Torino hosted by Palazzo Birago and Artgallery37


2019/7/17 - Artgallery37 in Italy, Divine Creation, the representation of women in contemporary art


2019/8/20 “- motivate +artist”2019 3"EdizioneMoovArt RIBA North- National Architecture Centre Liverpool, North West England





2018/5/17 - Taipei New Art Exhibition at Taipei 101


2018/10/20  - “De Jing Qu Xiang” exhibition of Chinese oil painting in Dong yi art museum, Beijing





2016/08/20 - Strength of Character young artist painting exhibition





2015/09/06 - E京华V雅昌Joint Exhibition of Artists in Times Art Museum, Beijing, China


2015/9/19 -  “Immediate start”Chinese Young Artists Nomination Exhibition in Times Art Museum, Beijing, China





2014//06/07 - Oil painting union exhibition "bloom" hosted by Bobao Arts web


2014/8/23 - E京华V雅昌Joint Exhibition of Artists in Imperial City Art Museum


2014/11/27 -  International art exhibition hosted by International convention center in Lin yi


2014/12/12 - Art Shenzhen expo at Shenzhen convention and exhibition center


2014/12/13 “New Women, Scream for Beauty”oil painting invitation and appreciation exhibition in Xi an





2013/3/16 - Beijing 798, light and time experience "real" Chinese youth society of representational artists invitation exhibition


2013/7/9 - Beijing oil painting "integration and prospects" painting exhibition


2013/8/13 - Beijing times Museum "E JinghuaIII" Yachang artists union exhibition


2013/9/24 - The 2nd. China international Arts Fair hosted in Beijing agriculture exhibition center


2013/9/30 - The 2nd. 'Be with the Tibet" art exhibition hosted in National Grand Theatre





2012/8/7 - Beijing Times Museum "E JinghuaII" Yachang artists union exhibition





Shenzhen citizen Center's arts exhibition to celebrate "the 60 anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China"





Exhibition of Art Works hosted by Bao an district, Shenzhen Art Academy





The celebration of 25 anniversary arts exhibition organized by the Shenzhen University Art Gallery





Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum SARS exhibition, received an award of excellence





2014 - Paoli spring auction at Beijing Paoli spring auction


2018 - Huateng auction at Shenzhen Huateng artwork auction





2014 - Burst into Bloom the third joint exhibition of oil paintings--Contemporary art press


2013 - Current art《2013-2014 Chinese youth artists》—Jiangxi artic press


2013 - E Jinghua 3 Yachang art exhibition


2012 - E Jinghua PARTII Yachang artists exhibition