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Rewards will be attributed by the Superior Awards Commission in all our organized Art competitions with the unanimity of the jury and agreement of the president. For the artists who will not be retained as an official member by the jury, thank you for not taking offense at it, a refusal does not mean  a definitive exclusion from the presented work but the encouragement to present other photos of more accomplished, different works, even at other periods. 





CHEVALIER ( All selected member artists have this title automatically when choosed by our jury)


OFFICIER  ( To reach this rank, the academician must have been a Chevalier at least during 4 years OR have obtained very important titles)


COMMANDEUR  (To reach this rank, the academician must have been « Officier » at least during 8 years AND have obtained very important titles)


Those titles are used to determine the number of years of membership of our official selected members and the seat numbers are planned for an eventual big artistic reunion.





Painting : oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, lime plaster on wood, high-level plastic arts, for their creativity and technical quality.


Sculpture : same criterias of talent and good taste, direct size, modelling, molding, assembly. Abstracted sculpture report sculpture-gravity, space-building.


Photography : technical quality, emotionalism, originality.


Mosaic and other techniques : extremely sharpened, original realizations, rare and unique


Digital Art : advanced research, outstanding technicality, aestheticism and creativity


Distribution : of reproductions of great masters, painters, sculptors and other artists.