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Margarita started her work while attending the Universidad Autonoma in Barranquilla, Colombia. There, she was introduced to the wonders of watercolors, technique that she embraced wholeheartedly as a way to express her deepest feelings and impressions through the wide array of colors and mixtures available.  She then moved to Costa Rica, a country abundant with flowers, forests, and a huge array of contrasts that moved her even more to try to express everything that she was encountering.  She first started to experiment with engraving as a technique with the well known Costa Rican artist Adrian Arguedas and then moved back to watercolors where she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and improve her techniques with stablished artists such as Cristina Fournier and Max Rojas.  They both use watercolors but with very different techniques. Cristina pays a lot of attention to detail while Max prefers the heavy use of water to disperse the different colors.  Out of this, Margarita started to develop he own style which later evolved to collage.


The artist has participated in several contests and won various awards.  Her latest individual exhibit called “Sensacion de Colores” at the National Gallery in Costa Rica received high reviews.  Other exhibits were “Sueños y Recuerdos” (Dreams and memories) plus other joint exhibits at the Intercontinental Hotel, the French Alliance, the Coffee Institute and others, including a participation at the Human Rights Diversity exposition at the Fondazione Opera Campana del Caduti in Rovereto, Trento, Italy, the latest annual salon from the Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists at the Cartago Municipal museum and the latest Urban Memory exhibition in Barrio Amon, at the Costa Rican Technology Institute.








May 2007, Escazú Social Wellness Association Exposition


October 2007, New painters contest, sponsored by the French Alliance and Jiménez y Tanzi.  Honnor Mention.





May 2008, Escazú Social Wellness Association Exposition


October 2008, New Painters Contest, sponsonsored by the French Alliance.





March 2009, Embrujarte Exhibition at the city of Escazú.


May 2009, Colombian Businessmen in Costa Rica Association art exhibition, Intercontinental hotel, special invitation from the Colombian Embassy in Costa Rica.


November 2009, New Painter’s Contest, Special Mention on innovation.





April 2010, Collage, Sueños y Recuerdos, (Dreams and Memories) Individual Exhibition at the Hotel Costa Rica.


July 2010, Explosión de Agua (water explosión), National Gallery, San José, Mention of honor.


October 2010, Acuarela Extrema (extreme watercolors), National Gallery, San José, Costa Rica


December 2010, Embrujarte exhibition in Escazú.





May 2011, Sensación de Colores, National Gallery, San José, individual exhibition.


September 2011, Escazú Social Wellness Association exhibition.  The painting “Esencia de Oriente” was chosen to be portrayed at the Christmas Cards printed for that year.





March 2012, Exhibition and auction from the Funda Vida Organization at the Costa Rica Country Club.





August 2013, Rizomas Exposition at La Casa del Artista, San José


August 2013,  II Arte Mujer, Multiplaza. Escazú.


September 2013, Barrio Amón, Nostalgias y Vivencias, Costa Rican Technology Institute





June 2014, Expressions, Costa Rica Contry Club, Escazú


April 2014, Lenguaje Sustancial, La Casa del Cuño at the “old customs building” in San José.


April 2014, La Palabra Integrada a Libroarte, at the Costa Rican State University, San José.


April 2014, En-tendidos, Costa Rican Art Museum, San José


August 2014, III Arte Mujer, Multiplaza, Escazú


September 2014, Urban Memory, Barrio Amón at the Costa Rican Technology Institute


December 2014, Embrujarte Escazú.





June 2015, Costa Rican Association of Virtual Artists Annual Salon at the  National Gallery, Children’s Museum, San José


August 2015, IV Arte Mujer Exhibition, at Vino Mundo, Ciudad Colón.





May 2016, Vaivén Arte Convergente,at the Dominican College Gallery, Dominican Republic.


June 2016, Human Rights Diversity,  Fondazione Opera Camapana del Caduti, Rovereto, Trento, Italia





March 2017, ACAV (Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists) III annual salon, at the Cartago Municipal Museum.


November 2017, Urban Memory Barrio Amón, at the Costa Rican Institute of Technology, San José.





July 2018, ACAV IV Annual salon at Juan Santamaria Museum, Alajuela


July 2018, BN Arte at Banco Nacional, sponsored by Optimum Artists.


July 2018.  Orange Auction, sponsored by Hior Galerie at the National Gallery, San José.


August 2018, Arte General at the Contraloria General de La Republica, San José


September 2018, Optimum Artists International at the Costa Rican Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia


October 2018, Postal Art, sponsored by the Costa Rican postal services.


October 2018, Sin Principio, Sin Fin fund raiser auction of spheres worked by invited artists at the Texas Tech University, San José.